i have been having so many computer problems with my dell laptop. i urge anyone reading NOT to buy a dell unless they have droves of technological expertise.


drawn while, exhausted, playing cribbage with my grandma on christmas day.



my car got rifled through in boston. it was the most of a bummer. my passport got stolen and also some lollipops, but that's about it. whoever broke in found my small wooden box which had some plaster teeth in it, about ten or twelve marble notebooks written in by a 2nd grader named mimi, my dog's pillow and rawhide, a 3 year old gourd in the cupholder, and at least a thousand bobby pins. what was the point, dummies?


i watch fiddler on the roof more than most other 23 year olds. i might also imagine i can fly more often than most other 23 year olds.


a few good misunderstandings and one really good indian feast and there even was a perfect parking spot right out front.


Mostly its about me, but it's also maybe about you. Also, c'mon, i'm really good at tetris.




i think about everything a lot. the actual QUANTITY of that word. and making too many pies.


a portrait of my grandma. don't show it to her, she won't like it.


i'm forgetting things, a lot. faster than i thought i would.


our pod from the outside. plus, small icons of the food i ate, and whiskey makes my belly burn.


a view from a ferry boat--the mountains of washington state really looked like they were drawn in pencil, and not actually giant rocks in front of my face.


our small friendship pod--one man, one lady, and one dog. our books and blankets, my pillows, one flashlight, and coyotes howling outside.


on my roadtrip, the world was unfolding in front of me like an envelope.


a perfect night i had in montreal--a man named yves drove us up to the top of the mountain, we howled at the moon, yves was perplexed with us, there was a family of fat raccoons.


sometimes i'd like to think that his sweet face is the only one i need.


i REALLY need a new scanner. if anyone has any tips about scanning pencil drawings and upping the contrast and not making them look like this scan, please let me know.

anyway, eleanor and i pretended we were mermaids and linus watched. he is not a merdog, however much i might want him to be.


it's a quote from chris stevens, on northern exposure, alright? i haven't been very inspired by the normal inspiring things, lately.


a bad experience with a man who is scared of my sweetest and smallest.


three things in a row. i dont know how to interact in public.


have you read the dharma bums? this is a subtle homage to japhy ryder.


i have been making comics, lately, i guess. the moon goes behind clouds.


it's a true and depressing story--falling in love is hard. especially when you are these two people.


there are these teeny tiny narrow plants that are shooting up out of the ground like magic and linus likes to pee on them.


i need to get a better scanner. i pet my dog with my feet sometimes. i sleep more than i should.



it tastes better this way, maybe. but maybe not. i often eat fruit off of the vine with wren. it is good for my soul, i think.


i got sung to, and completely seperately, life has been questionable lately.


i saw a lot of beautiful wall-writing for some days. those words make me nervous.


there are a lot of things here, more than are even visible. mostly, though, the lightning was pink.


it is only natural that this would happen, no?
i will maybe make it a diarama soon. that's only natural, as well.


drawn while watching a documentary about evangelicals. the main preacher told some kids that they are sinners if they like harry potter, because warlocks are enemies of god. she said, 'if harry potter were alive during jesus' time, he would have been killed." and a friend of mine said, "yeah, but jesus was alive during jesus' time, and he was killed." touche, preacher lady. if only they invented tvs that were two way, she would have been cut down.


drawn in red pencil but that's not me, even though you probably think it is.


the contents of my head for the day. (a demon and george clooney.)


bob and the ghost that inhabits the streetlight infront of my apartment.


I am allergic to grass in the spring, but i will still roll in it.


we all carry things. sometimes i feel like i'm carrying extra.