that top drawing was from another beasties night, but i have no idea what the words i picked are. the bottom drawing is another depiction of a tattoo i've had a dream about.


okayyyy. i'm going to admit something here. i can't remember if the clever part of this comic is something i said or something chris said. in fact, i'm pretty sure chris said it. but, it's my sketchbook. so, there.



here are two images from beasties night, with eleanor and chris and bob. we cut up scraps of paper and stuck them in a cigar box and we all pick three or four and then have the draw the accumulated creature that exists. the first was horse dead door butterfly and the second was crane fish turtle.


firstly, i'm REALLY sorry for the terrible scan. especially since the worst part of the scan occurs at the best moment of the comic where eleanor sneezed on that little kid. did you hear me? ELEANOR SNEEZED ON A LITTLE KID.
it was the best.
i love the autumn.


yeah, yeah. the comic in the first part really happened, and it was funny. but in this post, i want to talk about something much more serious. pictured below the comic is a man i saw at mcdonalds, and he was doing something that no one in the world should ever do. he was using a finely shaven chin-strap beard to define his chin, which extended at least TWO INCHES below the line of the chin-strap he designed for himself. do a public service for the greater good, and if you ever see this grave display of facial hair again, do something about it.


SERIOUSLY! someone stole our tip cup at work. with all our tips in it! COME ON. this happened a month ago, but i'm still enraged. here is a comic about it and also a drawing of some teens. oh! and a cat that chris helped send to cat heaven.


we have been drawing at ihop lately for a change of pace. it has been really really great. here are eleanor and chris looking like beautiful people, which they are. also featured is a salt shaker that is only half-in-existence. and corn-syrupy "maple" syrup.


i threw up when i was at my grandparents house. this isn't a metaphor.
but, i mean, i didn't throw up a ton of tiny fish, so maybe it is. oh, okkkay. fine. it is. but i really did throw up while i was visiting my grandparents.