the three ghost's belongings. domestic bliss, peaceful thoughts, safe collapse.


three watcher-overs. and yet another realization inspired by ghosts.


i feel the top way and i feel the bottom way, sometimes, but, not always. i feel better today, probably.
also, it is my grandpa's EIGHTY NINTH birthday today. important.


out the window. new curtains, a small buddha in a gold case, a black powderbox with a white flower my grandma painted onto it, and a very important strip of paper that i received in the mail. mostly, though, it's what is outside the window. or what can be.


i had a dream about a dear friend in which i had a purpose, and it was to hand him a set of bluejay feathers before he would be able to play his fiddle in a big green field. one of the feathers was much more important than the other, even though they looked the same.