linus the dog and chan the cat had to live together for a while, but most of the time, on account of a single closed door, neither of them realized what a nemesis was in the same house. it was less traumatic for both animals than expected, except for one very stressful shared car ride, where linus had to make a lot of muppet sounds in protest of a cat being in the car with him.


Artist is a hard term, right? I make drawings, that's true. But, also, sometimes I sit in chairs, but I wouldn't classify myself as a "chair sitter" or sometimes I eat sandwiches, but I don't think that I am necessarily a "sandwich eater". 

also, sorry if my scans/color corrections aren't great. there is a new learning curve i am dealing with. I have recently switched computers, scanners, AND photo correcting software. on top of that, blogger's interface is all weird and different. For someone who is sort of opposed to change, this has been inappropriately stressful. but, don't worry. i'll survive. 
that being said, if anyone wants to donate/illicitly help me obtain photoshop for mac, my eternal gratitude will be yours.


HEY everyone. I'm really sorry I have been so absent! A small concatenation of events (scanner breakage, computer theft, homelessness) has lead to my being unable to scan my sketchbook and update this blog. HOWEVER, I am back in my small home studio, I have a new computer AND a new scanner, and shortly I will have all the software I need to show you the inner workings of my squiggly little mind. Don't forget about me!


cemetery drawing is almost always the cure to my sketchbook stress. especially if i bring pizza and my dog.


bob is my most rational friend. i am thankful, because i am my least rational friend.



i am so easily convinced of monsters. but, if one lives in chris' family's beautiful lake, i am sure it is a friendly guy.


there are precious few things that I love about summer, and watermelon slices in each hand is one of the best.


important feathers from important birds, and important pie for important friends.