new sketchbook--it is always so hard to start a new one. i've no love for this one yet, and i won't until it is almost done, and by that time, i'll have to start another new one and this cycle is totalllly getting me down.
also, something about this book is how small i've been drawing. i have no idea why, but, there it is, and it is making scanning pages from it pretty difficult. so, i'm sorry in advance. strain those eyes for me.
this drawing was started with a coffee stain at the diner--first white pages are very, very stressful, and splashing coffee on it first is easier than putting down that first line.


other fake tattoo ideas, and a tie-down i've been feeling lately.


can't, won't.
ideas for a fake tattoo. pillow paralysis.


i painted my nails for the first time in 3 years. more, maybe.


my friend chris. he doesn't think that this looks like him, but, mostly it does.


foof, out of character, no? i drew from actual life, one time, and not just the life that exists in my crazy head. angela posed for the portrait class at jerry's studio, and i am covetous of her boots, so i spent a long time drawing them.


man, i've really been thinking about those cows, huh?
and symbiotic relationships. and actually, very little else, these days.


if i didn't have my sketchbooks, i think i'd come to less important realizations.

not that i listen to myself or anything.