bob told me my eyes were demon ones, and earlier that day i was sure that i saw some zombie-robot-ghosts floating in over the bay in jamestown. turns out, it was a bouy. whew.


drawn from the only photo i could find of this amazing woman named hanah senesh. she was a poetess who lived in palestine and joined the british army during world war two, and parachuted into occupied austria. she was captured and then executed when she was 23 because she wouldn't give the names of her fellow paratroopers, but not before she scrawled poetry all over the walls and floor of her cell.


It feels like it does for that bird more often than it should, no?


Ghosts probably, or maybe smoke. Either way, it has its own ideas.


I'm singing sea chanties all the time these days. The most accurate self portrait of me ever drawn.


Lounged on the beach with a faraway favorite. Got a weird sunburn, obviously. Painted this with ocean water--important material choice.


I couldn't find a job in providence. Now I don't want to find one. Either way, this city feels too small mostly.