poorly scanned, sorry. i tried to draw my grandparent's bedroom from memory. it was harder than i thought. it's worth another few attempts.
out of sight, out of mind.

sometimes i forget that you should just sit down and draw what's in front of you. also, sometimes you should draw directly onto your skin.


eleanor and i played this game the same way we would have when we were little girls. it was a windy night, and we had to stop the candles from getting blown out--first they were a ship's beacon, and then the last embers of a fire that we had to keep going in an encampment in a forest, and then each was a small animal in our care that we were protecting, and then we were bears who had found the precious stuff and were doing everything we could to keep it burning.
if eleanor and i had met when we were five, we would have gotten along as well as we get along today.


i drank a lot of wine at one of archie's parties again and drew this one about how i felt being surrounded by all those great wine-drinking and pasta-eating folks. and a little documentation of the necklaces i've been wearing for the past two years at the top of the page.


typical. also, some feathery drawings from the coffee shop, including a drawing of one of my biggest fascinations in providence.


listen: being single is really great except for three things that are so much easier with a boyfriend. 1. i like to share my food when i cook it and i don't like to eat alone. 2. i want someone to drive me to the mechanic so i don't have to sit there to wait my car to get fixed. 3. drawing comics about my love life is always an easy storyline.


three seperate things pasted in. a small reproduction of a list i made half in my sleep about the dream i had, hatchmarks designating something mysterious, and a ghost with nice wallpaper.


something is missing. it's likely more obvious than it seems. no matter how simple it is, i'll probably keep doing weird witchcrafty things to try to summon what's absent.


i did something brave this week, by sending a very earnest letter out blindly in the mail.
these were nice resounding words said to me by lee.
i get to live in a haunted mansion pretty soon, because i'm way lucky, but i'm pretty nervous about having to sleep in the big scary house by myself. it will be an excellent challenge in aloneness. plus, i always have that sweet dog to talk to all night.


some replicas of the eggs we dyed this easter. every day should be a day when i'm permitted to dye eggs and then make fritattas with their insides. also, i'm trying to figure out some un-figure-outable things. bummer.
p.s. my favorite ever part of this sketchbook is somewhere on this page. can you find it?


i spent easter weekend at eleanor's family's house on cape cod. i am so lucky to be adopted for non-jewish holidays by such excellent people with ten pound bars of chocolate in their house. eleanor fell asleep and lily the greyhound is almost always asleep, except when she's being the weirdest creature on the face of the planet.


not always appropriate in public. thank goodness my friends jovially put up with it.
there's a magic trick in this comic strip! in the first panel, i've drawn jesse. in the third, he's GONE! how'd he do that?


i carried strawberries down the street to coffee exchange. they are mediocre, these days--but at least they're red and affordable. this time of year really tests my patience, waiting for the good produce. the sun is out! it's not freezing! that should mean excellent fruit. alas, not yet, new england.
this is one of the only pages i've edited something off of in photoshop. i won't tell you what it was, but it's not even exciting or juicy.