eleanor and i moved into a big old house by the water, as i've said. there is a huge sweet garden plot here, and we (well, mostly eleanor and jesse) are growing tons of stuff. before we could grow, we had to pull out all the overgrown weeds that have been taking over this entire property for decades, probably. we decided to forgo garden tools and use our hands. best.


god, seriously. why can't i remember this? my sketchbooks, lately, have been having huge gaps because of my stubborn refusal to do what is good for me.


this one is about straight boys, when they drink too much, and overcome any fear of gayness. you all know what i'm talking about. also, i drew it on the back of a paper bag.


Hey, Listen.
I live largely in a tent and although i do have internet in said tent, setting up my scanner and getting my drawings up on this thing is a task i am not cut out for, currently. But, no, no! Don't fret! Very soon, I promise, I'll get my shit together. Right now, it is too sunny and the birds are too chirpy to start fiddling with cords and color correcting. Sorry! Soon!
Love, always,

ps: here is the big tree that lives in the backyard of the giant house i am being allowed to stay at. it is older than you are. the house, and especially, the tree.


it's almost mother's day! have you sent out your cards yet? i am lucky enough to have five people that are owed mother's day cards from me, so, here they are. funnily enough, none of them are actually my momma.


i can sleep with the windows open again! there are some problems with this arrangement, however.


a petal fell off it's tree onto my page. the first one of spring! then i glued it there.
also, that's eleanor. jesse, chris and i all drew her quickly one night.