there are a lot of things here, more than are even visible. mostly, though, the lightning was pink.


it is only natural that this would happen, no?
i will maybe make it a diarama soon. that's only natural, as well.


drawn while watching a documentary about evangelicals. the main preacher told some kids that they are sinners if they like harry potter, because warlocks are enemies of god. she said, 'if harry potter were alive during jesus' time, he would have been killed." and a friend of mine said, "yeah, but jesus was alive during jesus' time, and he was killed." touche, preacher lady. if only they invented tvs that were two way, she would have been cut down.


drawn in red pencil but that's not me, even though you probably think it is.


the contents of my head for the day. (a demon and george clooney.)


bob and the ghost that inhabits the streetlight infront of my apartment.


I am allergic to grass in the spring, but i will still roll in it.


we all carry things. sometimes i feel like i'm carrying extra.