my friend dereck, at coffee exchange, holds his cigarette very specifically.


my birthday party was one of the most beautiful nights in the history of the entire world. we drew beautiful things on each other's skin and i floated above all my friends in blissful (whiskey-enabled) happiness.


small things from under the ground make the best soups, no?


not a sketchbook drawing! oh, my goodness. this one is drawn out-of-book, and is actually a small free-standing triptych. it is about the past and the dead and some possible answers i've brought into existance. and it is very tiny and almost definitely you won't be able to see most of the details very well using your computer screen. bummer.



A very sweet moment with my grandpa when I went to visit him on long island. Plus, a tall and roundy lion and the danish word for him, thanks to my recently returned from the north friend, Matt.


i have been trying to draw the things inside of me. this is more wishful than actual, which i guess is a bummer, but i'm pretty sure that the prettier and more ornately decorated your inside- demons, the worse they are.


it was a two strip day! new year (for me, anyway), new moon, new haircut. and nora's grandma.