grad school is hard! i spend so much time on the train and not drawing in my sketchbook. I'm sorry that these updates are so few and far between. I'll try to be better, as usual, but it is unlikely.
this is a portrait of how i look on the train, with a floating orb of everything in the world floating over my head. 


i am making a small embroidery of part of this sketchbook page, to be shown (and hopefully sold!)  at the LIBERTY ELM DINER sometime in november, so keep your ears open for more news about that.
it also turns out, according to Jesse Thompson, that i was not referring to my hamstring, but actually my achilles tendon, which is a way better name for a body part.

and, here is a promise: I will not let two months go by ever again without updating this blog. don't give up hope.


it is really amazing that even single person in the world puts themselves at risk for heartbreak in some way or another, when it is such a proven dangerous bet.

greg and i were walking in the woods near the ocean and a deer nonchalantly crossed our path. i said, 'oh! was that our patronus?!" and greg said, "no, your patronus is goat cheese and my patronus is a nap."


it is important to leave space at the table just in case someone wants to join you for dinner.


an accident of red paint on blue paint! it is more beautiful than anything i could ever do on purpose. 
and a view of the sentinels from the porch of the hot club in the rain. 


that tiny penguin was a ridiculous swimmer. also he fell off of the rocks a lot. i think i overheard the trainers say his name was "phillip", which is a very great name for a penguin.

also, later, greg informed me that what i have drawn him saying in that comic is not actually what he said, but i am the comics maker, so, if i draw it, then it happened. 


i am very very terrible at being woken up from naps. i bit greg when he did it. it is not my best attribute. also, i'm a sleep puncher. and apparently am a nutritional wreck. 


hahaha. linus leapt accidentally into the fountain. 

i will keep that little envelope sealed forever.


maria was in the fog at cormorant rock, when we went the day before hurricane irene. then we holed up and buckled down and only got some wind and rain, but not the unknown experience we were prepared for.