does this ever happen to you? not the flying away part, the forgetting to breathe part. it happens more often than is reasonable, in my life. i thought that it was an involuntary function, breathing, but sometimes it seems like i forget.


a secret note! and something important written backwards and painted in red. underscores its obvious importance. 


Here is a comic inspired directly from some of Lynda Barry's Ernie Pook comics. That lady is the MOST inspirational. If you haven't looked at her drawings, quit looking at mine right now and go to thenearsightedmonkey.tumblr.com POSTHASTE.


three ghosts who stand for three things and then also three patches of static.


greg told me about a goddess that i might be interested in, Hecate. Obviously, yes, I am interested in her, because she is the goddess of witchcraft, ghosts and magic. Also she is related to the dirt, garlic and other medicinal herbs. Here is a very very very preliminary sketch of her. I am sure she will evolve and change as I think about her more. 


THIS is a very special post! It marks the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog! I am proud of my commitment to scanning, which I have never learned to love, color correcting, which I have become much more efficient at, and drawing in my sketchbook fairly regularly, which is one of the most important things in my life, probably. Thank you, whoever you are right now that is reading this. I am very grateful that you look at my drawings.
here is an important question that happens to fall on this special day.