someone at the coffee shop said the word "rendition" and i said, "oh! i don't write that word down enough."
also, i'm going to make a drawing about the cows in india, soon.


some jerk really did that! inappropriate behavior. gross. also my ghosts are always coming out of the ground.


after doing the drawing of me in my winter garb, i realized how much of a hobo i look like. don't worry, i will do nothing to change the situation.


this drawing was inspired, in part, by this girl in this comics class i teach. for an unknown reason, her natural desire is to draw everything from a bird's eye view. she draws some beautiful drawings. this one has nowhere near the confidence and strangeness that she achieves.


first on this page is the title of a fictional memoir that my friend chris and i almost definitely won't be writing.
the second thing is self explanatory. we all get that way, no?


the answer to an existential crises, maybe. there is a subtle difference between "give up" and "let it go" but i'm not sure if, in application, that it really exists. it is elusive, either way.
second on this page is some advice to a man.


how is it possible that i can constantly be at war with my own damn self? i am always of two minds, no matter what the question. i can't remember the last time i agreed with myself. and also, cara doing crossword puzzles at coffee exchange.


my grandpa was totally a trooper when he was in the hospital. i love him.


this is specific and general. it is true that i have been waiting around for a very long time for things to make more sense than they do. so, maybe i'll stop with the waiting and start with the ignorance, the oblivion, the distraction.
also, most important life questions i pose to my dog before actually embarking on any type of answer-quest.


interacting with my family on thanksgiving has reinforced this notion for me: it won't ever stop, huh? there is going to be this battle with everyone, inside and outside, forever, because we are two forces each, and we are forcing towards each other.


this is totally typical of my grandma. she is still unconvinced that i don't have a clitoris ring. the next logical step up from tattoos, i guess.