my chanukkah gift to myself is a very beautiful union suit. i get tangled, sometimes.


linus is having a dream, and i worry about my abilities.


some roundy curvy mermaids i am considering painting on a surface outside of my sketchbook. and some people at the mall. and THE most depressing fortune cookie fortune i've ever received.


well, that comic is true to life, unfortunately. also, depicted on the top are how many packets of spiderman fruitsnacks i ate in one day. i realize that this isn't something that anyone in the world is interested in, don't worry.


another drawing of waity sweet. i've still not figured out her legend yet, but i hope that pajama ghost will show up a few more times.


i've been inordinately focused on people's shapes, lately. rounds are better than squares.


i don't know. maybe i'm not learning. but i am splooshing paint onto the page with no apparent goal in mind, that's for sure.


two small comics about my trip to montreal. sorry that they are so badly scanned. MAYBE i'll rescan this page, but i doubt it.


another small drawing inspired by those zany inuits and their carvings.


i went to montreal with my friend bob, and one of the things i do every time i am in montreal is look at the inuit gallery at the museum of fine arts. i am always very inspired. this drawing was kickstarted by some whalebone carvings of sea monsters.


some guy. and a very handsome chiquita banana produce sticker.


we've been drawing at ihop, lately. this guy came over to talk to us about art. he baffled us all.


OH my goodness I am sorry for the absence and for the massive backdate.
that's not so good of me. especially since my new years resolution for the past three years has been to get better at updating this blog regularly.
welllll, here are some newer drawings, anyway.

someone said these words in a conversation we had so i drew them. the words were pretty good. but i don't remember what they mean.


i tried to draw every kitchen object i have from memory. i might have done alright.


some drawing at ihop. where apparently coolio frequents.
and also, bob has a new roommate who doesn't quittte understand me yet.


another awesome experience in a new england cemetery in the fall.


this ghostie is one named waity sweet. i found a grave in one of my favorite old rhode island graveyards (which are the BEST to frequent in these new england autumns). that is SOME name to carry around.



that top drawing was from another beasties night, but i have no idea what the words i picked are. the bottom drawing is another depiction of a tattoo i've had a dream about.


okayyyy. i'm going to admit something here. i can't remember if the clever part of this comic is something i said or something chris said. in fact, i'm pretty sure chris said it. but, it's my sketchbook. so, there.



here are two images from beasties night, with eleanor and chris and bob. we cut up scraps of paper and stuck them in a cigar box and we all pick three or four and then have the draw the accumulated creature that exists. the first was horse dead door butterfly and the second was crane fish turtle.


firstly, i'm REALLY sorry for the terrible scan. especially since the worst part of the scan occurs at the best moment of the comic where eleanor sneezed on that little kid. did you hear me? ELEANOR SNEEZED ON A LITTLE KID.
it was the best.
i love the autumn.


yeah, yeah. the comic in the first part really happened, and it was funny. but in this post, i want to talk about something much more serious. pictured below the comic is a man i saw at mcdonalds, and he was doing something that no one in the world should ever do. he was using a finely shaven chin-strap beard to define his chin, which extended at least TWO INCHES below the line of the chin-strap he designed for himself. do a public service for the greater good, and if you ever see this grave display of facial hair again, do something about it.


SERIOUSLY! someone stole our tip cup at work. with all our tips in it! COME ON. this happened a month ago, but i'm still enraged. here is a comic about it and also a drawing of some teens. oh! and a cat that chris helped send to cat heaven.


we have been drawing at ihop lately for a change of pace. it has been really really great. here are eleanor and chris looking like beautiful people, which they are. also featured is a salt shaker that is only half-in-existence. and corn-syrupy "maple" syrup.


i threw up when i was at my grandparents house. this isn't a metaphor.
but, i mean, i didn't throw up a ton of tiny fish, so maybe it is. oh, okkkay. fine. it is. but i really did throw up while i was visiting my grandparents.


we went to maine where i learned how to spin yarn and also touched a chicken and a cow and met some prize winning vegetables. besides the point, this was an ACTUAL SIGN that we saw on the way. also, incidentally, one of the only things i've gotten around to drawing that i'm willing to show THIS ENTIRE MONTH. i have just been moving and working too much. but, this is unprecedented and i will persevere and more drawing AND more updating will happen. soon. i promise.



linus and i flew to a new apartment. it is better, and the ceilings are up much higher and there are more windows and i feel happy to have my own space and so does linus, i think.


another mall draw. maybe these get boring, but they are really good for me.


el turned into a dolphin in that comic but i drew her as a sandshark or some shit. whoops.


here are three small drawings about my life. 1. i live in a tent with electricity. 2. eleanor and i run into the ocean at night and sometimes it feels like ghost pirates are near. 3. i took a ferry boat into some fog.


this night was really good, that joke was really funny. sometimes i don't have good words for this.


i drew this crowd of people with warpaint on and then realized that they look like some clan of alien comic book hipsters. sorry!


the moon landing was a conspiracy, i still think. AND how do candles stay lit? the world is magical.


i didn't eat sugar for some time, eleanor was very supportive. and the days have been windy.


liz and eleanor and i smeared the muddy sand on our bodies when we went skinny dipping. it was weird. it felt nice.


mall draw happened a lot this summer. this session features a woman named thralk. i think.


i had this dream, about this lady, who had planks tied to her arms. and then, in maine, one cat got into a basket and the other cat punched it a lot. they belonged to chris.


i hope that it is true what i have drawn-that the ghosts of my extended family hovered over me holding hands while i stayed in an old mansion this summer.


we have been going to the food court and drawing. well. mostly we are making assumptions about people and also making fun of people.