it's just i spend a lot of time with eleanor, so when she gets new clothes, it really throws me for a loop. okay? jeez.


well, if you haven't read east of eden, you should run to the library RIGHT NOW.
this is a steinback quote. i could never write this eloquently.


my grandma is spicy, again. and some days you have peanut butter and some days you don't! sometimes i have epiphanies while walking linus.


my grandma's friend betty is really, really fabulous. she can use words like 'divine" and not sound like a drag queen.


it walked, slowly, under my car, as i was going like, 10 miles an hour. im sorry, opossum! it was the worst.
spent some time in north carolina in the yurt that my friends dan and becki live in. they both mostly do listen very attentively to what i have to say, despite what this comic says.