when i slept on the floor of liz's apartment in brooklyn i woke up wrapped in my sheet like a caterpillar. it was perfect. but i still don't know where i'm going next.


welllll, i went to the store and painted each of my nails a different color and then didn't buy any of the bottles of nail polish. don't be mad.


everyone, everyone, everyone, should just be drawing, everything, all the time.


hahaha. she can be so raunchy. this comic about my grandma is tame, frankly.


instead of using a stylish cane, or even an actual cane of any sort, my grandpa has chosen to use a bent piece of aluminum with a rubber stopper on the end.


things were confusing for a while. obscurity. and then some cows in a field.


i promise i'll be back with some more drawings soon! i've been swooping around the northeast with really no good plan in mind and no responsibilities to adhere to. here is some documentation of my paintset accompanying me to the places i go. in order of the photos but not of my actual travels it is: bob and chris' house in providence, liz's favorite coffee shop in brooklyn, my favorite coffeeshop in rochester, and some random coffeeshop in vermont that had excellent french fries. proof! that i have been making some drawings and will one day have time with my scanner to upload and post them to this poor neglected blog.


linus usually plays an important role in my creative process. in the way this comic suggests, and in the way where if i hate what i'm drawing it is very easy to stop and instead get a good dog snuggle before getting back in the game. you could say we are collaborators, i guess.