lee and i went for a walk and i fell in the mud and the solution to the problem was to shower with all my clothes on. that comic is drawn backwards for an unknown reason. and some people at coffee exchange. i never finished drawing all the flowers on that lady's dress.


he doesn't want to be drawn about, but, clearly, this is probably the last time.

i had no idea i was still a little mad until those words tumbled out. i still don't think i am, but for sure my subconcious proves otherwise.
interestingly, i am reciting a lesson that he taught me, in this comic. the boy, not the dog. or, the dog, too.


it was going to have words, but, like usual, it said more without them.

unfortunately, those birds mean hardly anything at all.


ghosts are electricity; they follow us.
i exaggerate them, a little, but there they are.


at the scurvy dog with derreck. he gives good advice about art.


i did some morbid calculations. and then, also, some small meaningful objects in my house started floating out the window in a glowing word balloon. metaphorically.


secret messages in overlapping shadows. it really happened, but not quite this explicitly.
also, the message across the top says, "the paradoxical theory of change" which i'm told is a very excellent theory.