THIS REALLY HAPPENED. we were walking and a tiny cat was following us and i stopped to look at it (and, uh, talk to it) and when greg turned around, it had LEAPT ONTO MY HEAD. we figured it was probably an omen but i am not a very good parser of omens. 


greg had this tiny onion he planted in a box outside of his door and one day it was GONE and there was a hole in its place and we are pretty sure that it flew away. 


some small struggles, on this page. 
the swampy drawing on top is mostly a piece of scrap paper i used to dab my brush on until i realized it was the most beautiful drawing i ever made, and then i drew on top of it and accidentally made it worse. that is a running theme in my life, art-wise.


it is so easy to have drawing envy of other people's drawings. i get so mad sometimes that i didn't make the things that people i admire have made.

and, is it just me, or were the clouds this summer REALLY beautiful and overwhelming? maybe i am just being more observant, but, definitely the skies have been amazing.


i picked wildflowers and we made a small taco offering for someone who is gone. 


sketchbook block happened for a while. stupid brick wall.


i went to visit a teacher/friend and her family in Maine, and she has many beautiful daughters. two of them are twin girls, one of whom is more cryptic and confusing than the other. obviously, this is the cryptic one. 
separately, in the second comic, linus felt jealous and needy and greg didn't like it.