my chanukkah gift to myself is a very beautiful union suit. i get tangled, sometimes.


linus is having a dream, and i worry about my abilities.


some roundy curvy mermaids i am considering painting on a surface outside of my sketchbook. and some people at the mall. and THE most depressing fortune cookie fortune i've ever received.


well, that comic is true to life, unfortunately. also, depicted on the top are how many packets of spiderman fruitsnacks i ate in one day. i realize that this isn't something that anyone in the world is interested in, don't worry.


another drawing of waity sweet. i've still not figured out her legend yet, but i hope that pajama ghost will show up a few more times.


i've been inordinately focused on people's shapes, lately. rounds are better than squares.


i don't know. maybe i'm not learning. but i am splooshing paint onto the page with no apparent goal in mind, that's for sure.