being sick makes me sad. by the time it finally died, that cough lasted nearly 3 whole weeks.


i've been celebrating roundy ladies, being one of them myself. here are a few getting their respective grooves on. please pardon the very evident thread that got scanned in to this image. it is part of what i use to bind my sketchbook with.


for such a weird tiny city, providence really does have really awesome food. here are some of my favorites.


art got too hard, so i made a quilt. those of you who know me know that measuring to any degree of accuracy is certainly not my forte, but making that quilt was such a relief from the brick wall that drawing can sometimes be. luckily, even though we fight all the time, and it is probably an abusive relationship, me and drawing haven't broken up, yet.


i mean, i think that i am, in fact, a very low maintenance girl, but this little pictorial list of the toiletries i use on a fairly regular basis seems to prove otherwise.


it's true it's true it's true this little guy worked so hard in the frozen ground all winter long and, POP! linus and i noticed it yesterday morning and promptly he tried to eat it because we were so excited and he just didn't know what else to do.


sometimes eleanor's cat thinks really mean things about me. here is a small list of the things i would be really upset about if my house was burnt down. there are a few more things, but, truly, not that many.



avocados are meant to be shared. they are designed that way! even though sometimes i do not want to share.


sometimes i feel proud to not have yet succumb to normal adult abilities. i will never, not ever, never be able to make an appointment a year in advance! although, i still go to bed at 10:30 most nights like a senior citizen.


rugelach! is the best kind of cookie! eleanor's wrist won't stop being a problem wrist, despite our appalachian style faith healing attempts.


that was one weird encounter. i mean, i really don't mind being touched, but, just, stay out of my eyebrow, i guess.