this is formally dedicated to sky sabin. i am pleased that he likes my drawings enough to want to be in them. but, for the record, i'd have probably made the witch joke into a comic either way.


i wish i had a secret language. i found a journal from my great grandmother, and she wrote sometimes in code. if i don't explain my imagery, that's a sort of code, right?


if you give me a pen, the likelihood is high that i will eventually draw little cartoons of the bones in my hand ON my hand.


it is strange that this is a pattern in my life, but i have been in a lot of situations in which i am totally shocked and surprised that someone has just kissed me. i think, normally, people see a kiss coming, but there have been enough incidents where a kiss is a total shock that it MUST be something that i'm doing wrong. this was a harmless surprise kiss during a mountain goats concert, but unnerving all the same. and then also, that down there is iron and wine. i (thanks to some generous and talented friends) got to see him sing in this little church in london, and it was lovely.


stonehenge was not as impressive as i thought, although it still made me feel a little spine shiver and ignited a small interest in druids. mostly, they really did just look like big stone pants.


i missed linus SO BADLY when i was in europe. i kept feeling like he was behind me or near me. i love that guy.
every morning, at this music festival i went to, i woke up in my tent, and went to this bakery that was set up in the woods, and got a cream scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream and a cup of earl gray tea and sat on the grass and read my book. it was the best. since i've been back home, i've been trying all sorts of things to reenact those moments. to no avail.


my airplane didn't crash, don't worry! but those things are CRAZY. i've flown in plenty of airplanes but every time, i'm like, what the HELL is happening? more about that, later.


i am going to england tomorrow! all my stuff is strapped onto my backpack and ready to go! this is what it looks like. and that is emily dickenson.


in fact, all of these things were cooked while i was in my underpants only because it was too hot in my kitchen. don't tell anyone! they tasted just like if i had cooked them with all my clothes on.


even though earl was the wimpiest hurricane, ever, he made the ocean REAL crashy the night before he swept by.


i really would have NEVER recognized bruce willis. sorry, action movie fans. and up on top! is a tiny pictogram of the things i am packing to take with me to england.