drawn during a poetry reading at banana-fest 2009. i think it was in a poem that archie read by david whyte. i don't know. i was drunk on potassium.


this is true. i don't know how to deal with this feeling. i'm working on it.


thank GOD. it was a tough one, this year. at some point in february i was really sure the winter was NEVER going to end. but, this week it was warm enough for my friends and me to go to the most magical place in rhode island and throw stones in the air for hours until they finally connected mid-air and made the most satisfying clacking sound that ever existed.
also, threw shells into bottles peed in the woods smelled warm seaweed got rocks in my shoes took off my sweater while outside and got a small sunburn on my cheeks. thank goodness.


one thing i can't stop doing, one thing i can't stop thinking about, and a tribute to a mean guy that has no idea that i'm harboring a weird fascination about him.


do any of you play cribbage? do any of you know how AWESOME this was? 24 points. c'mon.


went to figure drawing at risd, for once. the model didn't show up. drew this instead. there's a second part, but i'm keeping it secret.


narrative structure. something happened. i think in a forest.