autocorrect has been getting me a lot, lately. here it is, giving me and greg new nicknames. i'm "creeps", obviously.


this is a true story. about how i was never meant to be an adult.


another gasping comic. breathing is an issue for me, i guess.
here are 3 beautiful rocks that we found on christmas day on a beach at lake ontario. they were in my wallet when i lost it, so they are gone forever, except in drawing form.


for better or worse, right?

here is my grandpa and greg, when they met. poppa made sure to give greg a disclaimer about my singing habits.


i am teaching myself and someone else these words as often as i can. 
when i didn't know what to draw one day i spun my sketchbook on the pottery wheel at the steelyard. that is where those pencil circles came from.


sometimes words are more important to draw than pictures.