this image is from a series of them that exist in my brain that mark a very important time in my metaphysical life. auspicious.


just so you understand, this is a true story.
if you are wondering what kind of product could stand up to the abuse that i could give it on a regular basis, you should ask. i will recommend it to you.
i am interested in going into product testing as a career.


some boy with almond eyes gave me the stare down when i was walking with ali one day, and i still can't really shake the image. this certainly doesn't give it justice.


june in providence was a weird month for weather. a weird month for everything, really.


my grandpa is the cutest, cutest, cutest.
for the record, my uncle and i put some songs onto his little mp3 player and now he listens to it where ever he is. all the time. in restaurants. while you're trying to have a conversation with him. in the bathroom. in the car.


i can never not get sunburnt. the only good thing about sunburn is being able to draw it later.


the only good thing about summer is being able to go into the ocean. and then draw about it.