here is a time when eleanor and i sat on a  sheet and drew for a little while. meta sketchbook! also linus was tied to a tree and was very rarely as untangled as this drawing depicts. also featured: sea cucumber shoes.


sometimes i listen to the rap station in the car, mostly out of some strange voyeurism. chris (and most other passengers, frankly) disapproves.


here is my small fantasy set of things i want. i actually DO have a small garden, now. it was a surprise. 


we went camping in cape cod. it was great and very magic. 



we went to newport on easter to see my friend eleanor's family. we climbed on rocks and ate too many crepes and chocolate and her brother, sky, said something funny and disgusting about calzones.


oh. i have been making many balloon animals lately. that's fine, right? it's just a new hobby. in case art therapy doesn't work out. it is fun! you would like doing it too, i bet.

here also is my winning lotto ticket and all the ingredients for a good peanut tofu stir fry.