mall draw with jesse, eleanor, chris and bob. just another opportunity to shamelessly judge everyone around me while exaggerating their worst features.



cookin' and quiltin'. bring it, winter.
vegetarian chili, and a quilt that will look almost nothing like the one i am making.


tiny drawings of the foods i cook and eat. i have been doing this a lot. up top is caesar salad, which i'm on my annual winter bender of, and down low are some awesome roasted mushrooms from smittenkitchen.com, which i ate with a soft boiled egg and some bread. the recipe is so good that i accidentally ate a pound of mushrooms in a day.


turns out the crows were saying, "watch out, your car is totally busted and when you try to drive it home today, the brakes will fail." shoulda listened better.
jack is my 3 year old cousin. he's pretty much an authority on anything.


matt also housed me excellently and perpetrated many puns towards me during my stay in brooklyn, and he and kseniya outfitted a tiny lady-loft for me to sleep in. i had also suggested some type of bucket/pulley system to get linus up there, or a long plank ramp, but, i had to sleep dogless for a few nights. Then I continued my drive to visit my grandpa for his NINETIETH birthday--sheesh! it was -6 degrees where he lives, and he is getting progressively spicier with age.


liz let me and linus sleep with her in her bed in her awesome apartment in brooklyn when i visited. it was excellent. it's true that people all the time want to tell me their problems, when i think that it is pretty clear that, in fact, i am incapable of solving any of my own.


i am the owner of so many letters that were written with no knowledge that i would ever read them, but i can't find any secrets in them.


whatever, sometimes you just have to draw some pairs of underpants.


i am scared that the blackbirds were a bad start for the year, and i am worried about omens, all the time. also here is a concept that i was recently reminded of by the owner of the disembodied voice floating down there in the bottom corner.


sometimes advice is simple and the most obvious, and sometimes i don't know what words to put into my word balloons. pictured is an actual post-it that i am in possession of.


those poor blackbirds! i really haven't stopped thinking about them. it is the scariest.
also, eleanor and i performed rituals to make 2011 a good year. let's hope that we are as magical as we think we are.