i have been having so many computer problems with my dell laptop. i urge anyone reading NOT to buy a dell unless they have droves of technological expertise.


drawn while, exhausted, playing cribbage with my grandma on christmas day.



my car got rifled through in boston. it was the most of a bummer. my passport got stolen and also some lollipops, but that's about it. whoever broke in found my small wooden box which had some plaster teeth in it, about ten or twelve marble notebooks written in by a 2nd grader named mimi, my dog's pillow and rawhide, a 3 year old gourd in the cupholder, and at least a thousand bobby pins. what was the point, dummies?


i watch fiddler on the roof more than most other 23 year olds. i might also imagine i can fly more often than most other 23 year olds.