the deep-rooted knowing and the surface denial.
it is not the first time that i've beamed knowledge straight into my head, even if this isn't me and even if that isn't my knowledge.


dyads. dicots.

it is safety and also the thing you should run from.


two small comics. you'll almost definitely have to click on it in order to read my skritchy writing.
mostly, they are about how hard it is to be me. an undertone, maybe emphasized by my willingness to put these on the internet, is that maybe some people find me charming and not just a disaster.


here is a poster i made for Cutie Pies, an excellent local pie business. not to advertise on my blog, or anything, but if you're in the market for pie, check them out. plus, maybe if they sell a lot of pies, they'll let me make them another poster.


on the way to visit eleanor's family in cape cod, my car hit it's 111,111 mile, which was a remarkably emotional moment, for me.


a code? a feeling? mattress springs. a point of contention. a confusion. something vague.


something is happening again. actually, some things are happening, again.


oh! election day! i feel very good about this day, now, but before the election was over, i was very stressed. i woke up and yelled at my sweet dog immediately.


an accidental homage to providence, which is a place i can only accidentally honor. the view from out my studio window on a day when the sky was painted exceptionally well, and the day before it rained only on one side of the street, which is important but i'm not wise enough to know why, yet.