two small comics about my trip to montreal. sorry that they are so badly scanned. MAYBE i'll rescan this page, but i doubt it.


another small drawing inspired by those zany inuits and their carvings.


i went to montreal with my friend bob, and one of the things i do every time i am in montreal is look at the inuit gallery at the museum of fine arts. i am always very inspired. this drawing was kickstarted by some whalebone carvings of sea monsters.


some guy. and a very handsome chiquita banana produce sticker.


we've been drawing at ihop, lately. this guy came over to talk to us about art. he baffled us all.


OH my goodness I am sorry for the absence and for the massive backdate.
that's not so good of me. especially since my new years resolution for the past three years has been to get better at updating this blog regularly.
welllll, here are some newer drawings, anyway.

someone said these words in a conversation we had so i drew them. the words were pretty good. but i don't remember what they mean.


i tried to draw every kitchen object i have from memory. i might have done alright.


some drawing at ihop. where apparently coolio frequents.
and also, bob has a new roommate who doesn't quittte understand me yet.


another awesome experience in a new england cemetery in the fall.


this ghostie is one named waity sweet. i found a grave in one of my favorite old rhode island graveyards (which are the BEST to frequent in these new england autumns). that is SOME name to carry around.