a perfect night i had in montreal--a man named yves drove us up to the top of the mountain, we howled at the moon, yves was perplexed with us, there was a family of fat raccoons.


sometimes i'd like to think that his sweet face is the only one i need.


i REALLY need a new scanner. if anyone has any tips about scanning pencil drawings and upping the contrast and not making them look like this scan, please let me know.

anyway, eleanor and i pretended we were mermaids and linus watched. he is not a merdog, however much i might want him to be.


it's a quote from chris stevens, on northern exposure, alright? i haven't been very inspired by the normal inspiring things, lately.


a bad experience with a man who is scared of my sweetest and smallest.


three things in a row. i dont know how to interact in public.