one worry and one mall draw. i need some more practice. 


here is one thing my sweet man did for me--that cat was SO FUNNY with a sock on its head. and here is a way that i have been waking up that is troubling for me. is anyone else very surprised by their positioning in the mornings?


one romantic desperate dinner of a whole pizza on the floor with candles and one piece of surprisingly important advice. 


these snakes were ripped off directly out of carl jung's red book, and those kites were ripped off directly from the sky on a windy day in newport. 


when in doubt, draw breakfast. that is my general philosophy. especially if your breakfast was a good one at a favorite diner shared with someone you like very much.


interestingly, here is a second scent-focused comic in a row. apparently odors were big this week. 
also pictured here is the last foot-ocean dip of the year. it was cold, but the water was so pretty, that i had to stick my toes in there. also, the color coordination was nearly too much to bear.