we have been very lucky when it comes to fog monsters and cloud summoning, this summer. everything has always been beautiful. on a separate note, i am totally homeless this summer, and i have been imposing myself onto all of my friends, and then thanking them in inappropriate manners.


there is this nice man who follows me into all sorts of bodies of water, lately. bays, lakes, oceans, rainstorms. it's nice.


my grandma is remarkably obsessed with my phone. she gets mad if i try to use it, lately.


some things, so far. here are all of my relatives, i visited them ALL this june.


1. proof that i shouldn't be allowed to be in control of my life 2. a secret in an envelope 3. some words that got stuck in my head. does that ever happen to you? no melody, only words.


matt is very serious about coaster safety. i didn't know that before, but i probably should have guessed it.


the internet is SUCH a trap. so are couches. how does anyone ever get anything done?


my launo got married! it was great. even though she made us take too many photos in the park without ANY SNACKS AT ALL. I still love her the best.