here is a mandala. 
not knowing is a state that i am trying to learn how to be more comfortable in. 


see, world? see how he treats me? i'm kidding. i am a sand monster. he is in the right. 
here are also some important words coming out of my fingertips. 


i have a lot of things to say to people, but generally i try not to say the things i have to say in real life. thank goodness for sketchbooks. and here is a valentines day comic. 


greg-the-fox and I picked up a small archery habit for a few weeks. it is good and makes me feel like artemis, even though my form is actually terrible and i bruise my wrist up with the bowstring and i accidentally got an arrow stuck in the rafters at the shooting range, once. 


hello! here is the first page of my new sketchbook. as the years go by that I have been keeping regular sketchbooks, the first page has always remained a real challenge. here is the best advice i can muster, but no practical tips to make it easier/possible. 
well, i guess it's true that i did this weird castle drawing on a paper towel that i had dried my paintbrushes on, and then i glued it into my book. is that a tip? first pages are just hard.  


Here are some non sketchbook embroideries that I have been working on in recent times--it is easy to make these on my train commute. They are just made with embroidery floss on muslin, freehand. Thanks to one man named Greg for taking these photos for me!