i have been watching (and becoming emotionally invested in) a lot of tv while i am drawing lately. this one is particularly gripping. but that tangle at the top is about something much less frivolous.


well, you can buy a gallon of cholula hot sauce online, which is my most favorite kind. so, if any of you are in the market for buying me a gift, there you are. i've made it easy!

and you ARE easier to understand when you are gone.


for the record, this was at around 7 o'clock in the morning and the movie i decided to watch was "fear and loathing in las vegas." if there were ever a movie NOT to watch early in the morning, it was that one. also, that's a tiny view out of my studio window.


another golem. believe me when i say that tiny drawings of these guys are on scraps of paper all over my desk.


okay. i have been reading about and drawing a LOT of golems. they are to winter what fall was to mermaids, for me. soon, there will be a large painting of a guy like this one. blessed mud men! it is beautiful.


first page of my newest sketchbook! that's kai and lizzie. although the likenesses aren't, um, great. sorry guys!
for the record, the subject of this comic, the one who i was asking kai to punch, is a lady who sometimes sells pies in providence who owes me money for a drawing i did for her. just sayin'. maybe think twice about us poor little illustrators before you buy your next locally made pie? that's a bad lesson to get out of this. buy pies where you'd like, folks. but maybe give the pie-seller a little punch for me.


seriously. that movie is ridiculous. also, i wish that i could tattoo myself up like that.


a tiny drawing of my favorite outfit for the wintertime.