man, i just tried for a long time to figure out the code to make a rollover ouse image but i can't do it. it's too nice outside to think hard about backslashes and hrefs. this is a page in my sketchbook which has a very risque flipup. also a quote from anna karenina. cute.


i drew these mermaids in maine. the thing is, i am actually jealous of that lady mermaid i drew because 1.) i wish i was a mermaid and 2.) her merman is pretty much my dream man, including the fins.


i was complaining about having nothing i wanted to draw for a few days, and jesse suggested we watch a civil war documentary and pause it when they showed an interesting photo and draw that historical figure. we did, it was the best. it also lead to me learning all of the presidents of the us, in order. someone, somewhere, is impressed.


that road exists, but i did not lie on it. at least, not physically.


the top part is the view from the porch that i am sitting on RIGHT NOW as i update this. and some ramshackle lights we put up. the second part is a document of the worst day my dog has ever had. let me tell you about it, quickly.
i tied linus up at coffee exchange as per usual, just looping his leash around a chair. i went in to get a coffee, and some guy ran in after me and said, "your dog ran away!" and i said, "with the chair?" and the man said, "yes. and a table." linus had gotten spooked, and ran, taking the chair, entangling a table, knocking down trashcans, spearing a trashbag and dragging it, and knocking down all the outdoor furniture in his path, until he got hooked around a lamppost. shivering. also, it was raining. he's forgotten about it now, but i have not.