the top part is the view from the porch that i am sitting on RIGHT NOW as i update this. and some ramshackle lights we put up. the second part is a document of the worst day my dog has ever had. let me tell you about it, quickly.
i tied linus up at coffee exchange as per usual, just looping his leash around a chair. i went in to get a coffee, and some guy ran in after me and said, "your dog ran away!" and i said, "with the chair?" and the man said, "yes. and a table." linus had gotten spooked, and ran, taking the chair, entangling a table, knocking down trashcans, spearing a trashbag and dragging it, and knocking down all the outdoor furniture in his path, until he got hooked around a lamppost. shivering. also, it was raining. he's forgotten about it now, but i have not.

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