i went on a boatride and gleaned some knowledge. things can change in just a few weeks.


i spend too much time with linus and bob's best advice ever.


this has been a summer of tiny self reassurances and weird situations for my dog. he went on a boat yesterday.


sometimes i am surprised at the things in my life that turn out to be indulgences.


my coworker told me about this part of the story of the tower of babel--nimrod, the king at the time, was the one who built the tower as tall as he could to get to heaven, and then his soldiers shot arrows into the sky. they bragged that the arrows came back dripping with the blood of angels. and that's why god made it so that we all speak different languages--to make it more difficult so we don't all go getting together doing dumb things like that, again.


we went to the rocky point amusement park after blueberry picking. all summer long i find small beach objects that i have to take home. usually i try to keep it to only one object a visit, but i had to take these five tiny things home.


knotted up in her braid, with buried feet. if my hair was longer, this would have been drawn as a self portrait.


eleanor and i are wild bears. we picked 15 pounds of blueberries. ate pints of them right off the bush. made 27 jars of jam.


this summer has been a tough season for heartbones and for sketchbooks, so my posts are few. don't fret! once my show (!) goes up in august and i can sit and focus better, many more things will be here for you to look at. here are some photos of my studionest.


bob took an action shot photo of me where i was inadvertently making these buddha hands, so i drew it.
the list is one method i use for helping me get past an artist's block. but, even with lists like that of excellent things to draw, i still have to slam my head against the table, sometimes.