here are three small drawings about my life. 1. i live in a tent with electricity. 2. eleanor and i run into the ocean at night and sometimes it feels like ghost pirates are near. 3. i took a ferry boat into some fog.


this night was really good, that joke was really funny. sometimes i don't have good words for this.


i drew this crowd of people with warpaint on and then realized that they look like some clan of alien comic book hipsters. sorry!


the moon landing was a conspiracy, i still think. AND how do candles stay lit? the world is magical.


i didn't eat sugar for some time, eleanor was very supportive. and the days have been windy.


liz and eleanor and i smeared the muddy sand on our bodies when we went skinny dipping. it was weird. it felt nice.


mall draw happened a lot this summer. this session features a woman named thralk. i think.


i had this dream, about this lady, who had planks tied to her arms. and then, in maine, one cat got into a basket and the other cat punched it a lot. they belonged to chris.


i hope that it is true what i have drawn-that the ghosts of my extended family hovered over me holding hands while i stayed in an old mansion this summer.


we have been going to the food court and drawing. well. mostly we are making assumptions about people and also making fun of people.


small cousin jack's first experience with fireworks. scary.