a six word biography, a spicy grandma, and a halloween candy experiment.


the tag sale was awful. besides this nice man, there were a few other nice people--one woman wrote a note to my grandparents thanking them for parting with some of their treasures so she could have some.


he lived there for 53 years! leaving the house was very hard for my sweet grandpa.


i have major goat future dreams. where other girls dream of weddings and dream homes and celebrity husbands, i dream of goats.
also featured is a photo of moto the cat, fighting an evil scarf, and a drawing of my favorite hiding/nap place as a kid, laid in for the last time. with my uncle billy's american legion hat on.



two more rooms. i might be done drawing the house now. it is sold and some new people are living in it and it is a felony if i try to go through the front door, now. there is a LOT of stuff left out of the basement drawing. like, every object in the entire world.


my grandparents are moving out of the home that they raised me in--the home that they raised themselves in for fifty seven years. it is really hard for me to think someone else will live in this space, even though i've not lived there for years. the house has hardly changed at all during my whole lifetime, but for the past few weeks we've been tearing it apart, packing and selling and throwing away. the house barely resembles the one that is in my memories. so, being the sentimental obsessive that i am, i've became fixated on drawing all of the rooms the way i remember them. what if i do this for the rest of my life? i might have to build a diorama. i might have to build a life-size diorama.