it is just so hard for me to believe that humans have walked on the moon. i'm not a conspiracy theorist, but, jeez! the moon! come on!


seriously! if you say the words "strapless", "bra" or "stockings" during a phone conversation with my grandpa, he gets flustered and gets off the phone. he has a line, he has drawn it.


whatever, i love painting my nails. i know that you don't expect it of me. i just do!
this little teapot is making it's second appearance in my blog. it had previously been listed on my most valuable possessions post.


i am really into radishes and sunflower seeds in my salads, lately. try it! it is the best.
i'm sorry that i thought this about that boy in my class. i swear, i dont even find him remotely attractive! something hijacked my brain.


does everyone else have this problem? i am noticing, lately, how differently my brain acts at night than it does in the day. it is much trickier and slinkier at night.


probably i need to work on my emotional motivational self talk.


eleanor, my grandma and I seem to be making very legitimate scientific observations on this page. I mean, this as as scientific as my life ever gets.


don't worry! he's fine. also, don't worry, there is no question that no matter what, we were the fancy ladies from out of town.


i kept hitting some creative wall and was having a hard time making anything for a few days, so i went and ate some pizza in the cemetery and it all came together! good news.


my braiding technique is about to become very important this summer, i think.