a good part of a poem by rilke, and my mega millions winnings! i won 4 dollars using greg's birthday as one of my numbers.  he is luckier than he thinks he is. it is the first time i ever played the lottery. 


here is an uncharacteristically weapons-laden page. the enemies are in the treetops, i guess. 


we were talking about the descent. no one goes willingly. 


here is a drawing about three ghosts. 
also, my shoes really do look like sea cucumbers. they are terrible. i have just an innate ability to sea cucumber all the shoes i own in very small amounts of time. 


my friend liz is really excellent at logistics and i love her. we did eventually find her, and the dead bird.
and, the unfortunate ending to the story at the bottom of this page is that i did, in fact, have to eventually put clothes on, despite my oppositions.