linus and i have wrath. we destroy small towns, but not farms. the moon is always a crescent.


i have been slightly crazy, lately, really, but even when i'm not very crazy i talk to my dog that way. plus, some words about some boy who has infiltrated my nightdreams, uninvited.


the sentinels (or, um, the powerplant down the street) that watch over me, and in more than one drawing, carry me away from this place. this time they are spouting a very true thing, which i am contributing to. and, also, they are carrying me away from this place.


i apologize if these tiny drawings of what i ate for dinner and of every object at coffee exchange and a made up portrait of me, bob, and angela do not translate to the web. there was a hurricane warning, and they are very small, and my scanner is very crappy. i just couldn't get my pencil to draw big this day. but, that small drawing of asparagus on a cutting board is probably the best asparagus i've ever drawn.


i made a much larger painting of this sketch, but, of course, the original watercolor and spit painting i did on the floor of eleanor's studio is much more together than the one i spent hours on.


we will dance when we are dead, i hope. our ghosts and our bones. plus, that lady got an extra bone because i was too busy talking and drinking coffee and so bob told me to leave it. it adds character. you know?


it's something new i'm trying, this way of painting, but something that's always been pretty natural for me. i have used this concept in a larger painting i'm working on, that maybe i will show you one day. if you ask with nice words and good superlatives in the request.