that beautiful object is a piece of paper that i dabbed and dried my paint brush on for a few weeks, and it is more beautiful than anything i have ever drawn.


if you have ever wondered what my little studio space looks like, and you've not been in my tiny apartment, here it is! except imagine it with a lot more clutter, even, and like, four or five coffee cups and not just that one.


i have this notion that if i could train myself to sit up straighter, that it would affect all the aspects of my whole life. i'm sure that it is true.


first post in new sketchbook! the transition is always so tough. but, this was on the vernal equinox. that is a good omen for a brand new smooth paged book.


i have been spending a weird amount of time at the historical society, doing fairly extensive research on a couple that lived in providence in the mid 1800's that i have absolutely no relation to. there's no explanation for that.


some period dresses from the 1860's or so, and i love andy samberg.


how come i have never found a red feather? i have found all sorts of other colors, but never a red one.
eleanor was not very impressed with my mango having skills.


ever since wren and I went to the folk art museum and i saw this tiny part of a small drawing of a hand with strings coming out of the finger tips, i've been thinking about it.


here are some more of those roundy ladies. this time wearing weirdo tiger masks.
and if you were going around thinking, "man, melissa and her friends sure are nice people." here is evidence to the contrary.
although, we are nice, most of the time.


Eleanor and I had a very lucky trip into boston to see my friend Dan Lefkowitz and my friends the Low Anthem play at a beautiful old church. things just aligned nicely for us that night, and also a lot of small comic strip ideas were spawned from it. This isn't even all of them


my childhood home was always the last house on the block to have snow on the lawn, because of the way it faced away from the sun. i've been thinking about it a lot since the snow here in Providence has been melting so readily. it was very important that i was always in possession of the last licks of snow in the whole neighborhood.
also, this is a true story of a question some girl asked in my developmental psychology class.