Over Thanksgiving, I discovered a really awesome picture of my grandpa's mother's family. Here is my rendition, mostly painted with india ink and, gross, spit. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, my uncle didn't want to part with his copy of the photo so I had to make my own. It is from roughly 1900, and the mustachioed man in the center is Harry "Hobo Harry" Holtzman, next to his lovely and gruff-looking wife Mathilda, on the left, small uncle Billy, in the back, and Estelle, my grandpa's mother, in the starchy frock with small dog, Roxie. They are in their backyard in New York City. Harry was a NYC policeman, and nicknamed "Hobo Harry" because he often gave donotions out-of-pocket to the hobos that dwelled near battery park, which was his patrol division.

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