it is the biggest, biggest, biggest bummer when this happens.


Matt Carman said...

Or sometimes they could be the sun: http://ksen.tumblr.com/post/45456685/link-photo-by-daniel-gasienica-almost-too

kpbaltard said...

Hi! This is Krista, Jac's friendo. I'm at work and clicking through your blog (because that's what I really do for a living. Squandering time/effort/power on the internet) and I wanted to say when I was driving home to VA. I thought the Burger King sign was the moon too. I felt really duped when it wasn't.

BearHatStudio said...

hello krista!
it is so nice to hear from you--jacqui sends along the sweet things you've said about my blog and it makes me feel excellent. i am glad you like what i draw!

there is also a shell gas sign that i see in mass that i mistake for the moon and also a clock on the risd campus, but the clock one doesn't make me feel so badly about the state of our world.